Hi, my name is Susan Pryce and I am the creator of Scruffie Bears. I live in North Wales with my husband and 3 children.

I have been a bear collector for many years. One day in October 2000 I thought Id try to make a bear. I bought a kit to try and after an afternoon spent putting him together I had a bear. He was very primitive though with lop sided ears and eyes but my 5 year old son loved him so much that I put a scarf around his neck and we called him Thomas. 
I was hooked from that point but I wanted to try mohair fabric and cotterpin joints. Gradually as I made more bears from patterns out of magazines they started to look much better and I was starting to receive lovely compliments from my friends and family. Six months later I bought a book which explained how to make your own patterns so that I could design my own bears. My designs have come along way over the years and I am very proud of each new bear that I make.

I usually find inspiration from everyday life and when I see a new piece of maohair I just know what I will create with it. I am continually pursuing new ideas and am always learning new techniques.

I would describe my style as traditional with a twist. I love to give all of my bears personality.

My bears have found new home in many different parts of the world including, Austrailia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Russia, Austria and the USA.